Pay local customers
to spread the word

Who better to create your ad campaigns than your customers. SnapAds makes it easy to find real local customers who want to create content and post ads for you.


Marketing firms
are expensive

Paying firms for marketing content and paying more for social media is expensive. SnapAds makes it fast to get ads up and promoted within seconds

Keep your customers

It was hard enough finding new customers - now keep them coming back. SnapAds tools help you stay connected with customers and share promotions


location, location

Sick of paying for "clicks" and "views" on the other side of the world. SnapAds makes it simple to place promotions for local customers to create ads and share with their neighbors, friends and family

Turn your marketing on autopilot
SnapAds make it simple to track ratings, reviews, digital media content creation, social media posts, blogs, customer engagement, special event marketing and more all in one place
How it works steps:
Setup an account
Email, password, company name and local address for targeting local customers.
Create a promotion
Create a promotion about a sale, today's specials, a new product, the daily deal or more.
Select your budget
Pick how many views you want and how much you want to pay local creators.
Get more customers
Local customers help promote your business to their family, friends and neighbors.
Create your ad 
in 4 simple steps
Choose an engagement goal
1. Choose an engagement goal
Help local creators by giving them some direction of what you want your campaign to do for you and your business
Name your campaign
2. Name your campaign
Give your campaign a name. This is a short tagline about your campaign
Select your target area
3. Select your target area
Customers live close. Select a radius as small as 4 miles to target customers
Recommended monthly budget
4. Recommended monthly budget
Only spend what your budget allows by choosing your daily budget and the length of time you'd like to run your

Frequently Asked

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How do I cancel a campaign?
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