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Create content for local businesses and earn cash doing it

How it works?

find a local place that you like
Find a local business you like
create Ads
Publish a quick video
get extra rewards
Earn on every local view
get paid to create content

You control the content

Create unique pics or videos, just like you do everyday. You decide the best ad for each promotion and you control where and when to post it.

monetize your content

It’s your choice

You control who, where and what you post. Local businesses pay to get the word out.

support local businesses

Be present by being local

Local businesses need our voice. Help spread the word and earn extra cash.

get rewards for visiting your favorite places nearby

Visit local businesses and earn extra cash

Local businesses pay cash rewards to try out their product or service. Find your next favorite spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Content monetization should be easy. Make money with videos and photos. You don't need to aim for perfection as it can be an ordinary photo or video that you upload to social media. You just upload content to a campaign that you like and get paid to create content
Download the app and create an account. You can use your email, Facebook account, or Apple ID., after which you can monetize your content. Then add your bank account details to your profile, so you can withdraw your earnings from views and rewards.
Your content has no limits, it's your review about the business. Make money as a content creator with SnapAds. You can upload photos, videos, add text, emojis, and anything else you like.
You don't need to have any followers to start earning. Now you can get paid on social media if you do want to share, but it isn't necessary to earn. Your friends, family, neighbors, and local acquaintances are the most important groups for a local business, so create whatever you think they’ll like.
It's like make money on social media. You create content for businesses, share information about them, and get paid for each local view. It's a good way to earn extra cash.
Add routing and account number to your profile. Your wallet stores all your money and you can easily withdraw funds at any time to your bank.
You can monetize content in the easiest way. The best ads of each campaign earns a bonus and each campaign is set with a goal of views or time line.

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