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Local customers use SnapAds app to discover businesses just like yours everyday. List your business to increase guest visits.
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How it works?

list your business
List your business
customers find you
Customers find you
increase walk-ins
Increase walk-ins
grow revenue
Grow revenue

Find new customers

increase sales with SnapAds
word-of-mouth promotion

Find new customers and increase revenue

Easy to use app lets customers earn cash for shopping at your business.

set up a rewards program with SnapAds

List your business so more customers find you

Potential customers are looking for local business rewards.

local reviews and recommendations from customers

Let your customers tell their friends

Customers get cash for creating videos about your business and sharing them with local friends.

create a loyalty program for users

Increase revenue on a budget

Cash rewards only payout, after new customer makes a purchase.

targeted advertising within a 4 mile radius

Get noticed

SnapAds collaborates with other businesses and offers rewards that attract new customers who might not have otherwise discovered your business.

business promotion by local clients

Shopping local goes both ways

Rewards for local customers keep marketing dollars local, while they help your businesses grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ads can be seen wherever the customer promotes the ad. Common places to send the ad are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Emails, and more
Create local advertising in a few minutes. It is easy. Add a campaign post explaining what you want from an ad, then set your goal and customers do the rest. It's like word-of-mouth promotion.
You set the budget. All campaigns, rewards and loyalty rewards are set by you.
If a budget is too small customers won’t be as excited to create an ad. It is common to see customers get paid around $0.50 per view of their ad. After that, users will be ready to review local businesses.
Customers have full control of what they create and promote except for anything derogatory or nefarious. Letting customers create ads they share with their friends and family means the ads will be very custom and nuanced to that customer’s familiar audience. This helps get your business into the local community and get intended audience.
Campaigns let you create target advertising. Set up a campaign goal, such as more visits to an offline location or a product review. You can set your campaign radius and budget.This will allow you to set up passive income. You don't need to learn complicated marketing systems to get non-targeted views anymore.
No, currently you can not edit a campaign, but you can stop the campaign and easily start a new one.
Yes, you can view all the necessary campaign analytics in your dashboard. You can see exactly how many local views you had, the number of creators, information about them, etc.
Canceling a campaign is easy and can be done at any time in your dashboard

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