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Frequently Asked Questions

Get rewards app like SnapAds can help you earn some extra cash with minimal effort. Make it a daily routine to check the available rewards in your area using SnapAds. Why not earn some extra money by doing what you'd already do, like having lunch or grabbing your morning coffee, right?
Download the SnapAds app, set up your profile, and then navigate to the Rewards section to explore and earn rewards available in your location. Follow the instructions, upload your receipt and wait till the bonus money appears in your SnapAds balance. Register now and join the get-n-go-rewards revolution, where earning's a breeze, not a burden!
With SnapAds, you can get bonus rewards without any earning limits! It depends on how many Rewards campaigns you participate in. Open the Rewards map to discover great new places. Check back daily, as new rewards are constantly appearing!
Typically, SnapAds rewards requires visiting specific shops or restaurants and uploading a receipt afterwards. It's that easy.
All the rewards earned and approved will be visible in your SnapAds Balance. You can then effortlessly withdraw the money earned to your bank account.

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