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Create content for local businesses and earn cash for each local view. It’s as easy as taking a picture or a video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every ad gets paid for each local view, and can also earn a bonus for the best ad created for each campaign. Businesses want more viewers and are willing to pay you to help spread the word.
It’s easy. Find a campaign(s) you like, create something about the business, and then post it. You get paid per view.
This is an additional feature of our reward programs. You can earn extra money not only for content, but also for visiting local stores and restaurants.
Have you ever posted something on social media - it’s that easy. It's really easy for content contributors. You often take photos and videos showing your orders or purchases. That's actually all you need to do. Real recommendations are more valuable than fake commercials.
Big influencers aren’t welcome. Paid views are only for views within the local businesses' area. Each campaign shows an area map, so it is easy to know where the target area is.
Add your bank account number to your profile. You can withdraw any amount at any time you want. In addition, you can take benefit of our loyalty program for additional offers. It's a good opportunity to monetize social media.
Yes, you have the flexibility to be as creative as you want and there is no reviewing your ad. It's like make money on social media. You control what, when, and where you promote it. (However, nothing negative, and keep it G-rated.There are no limits to your creativity.
You can easily search for lots of campaigns by local companies on the app. You can view information about the company and the what each campiagns pays.
Local business create rewards to incentivize you to check out their offering. By going to their store and trying it you help keep local dollars here.

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