word-of-mouth promotion with SnapAds

Let your customers spread the word

Customers are looking for opportunities to earn extra cash

How it works?

local advertising within a 4 mile radius
Select the neighborhood you want to target
set flexible goals based on your budget
Set your new revenue goal
word-of-mouth promotion
Customers share with their neighbors
local promotion

We are friends, family and neighbors

Customers earn cash for creating videos about your business and sharing with their local community.

get more local customers

Makes sense & it’s easy

Local customers share a video or picture about your business with other local customers, who live nearby.

targeted advertising to customers who live nearby

We’re in this together

People want to shop local and support their community, but won’t if they have never heard of your business.

start a campaign and get more local clients

Drive sales

SnapAds network of businesses provides consumers a single solution for finding and shopping at local places.

create your own rewards program in minutes

Easy, simple rewards in minutes

Get your rewards program up and running in minutes and let new customers starting finding you today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply sign up with SnapAds and start exploring. Listing your business will give it visible to potential customers search on the app and looking for a place just like yours.
Instead of traditional methods, you get local advertising where real people promote your business to their own networks, leading to more genuine interest and engagement.
There are no restrictions on the type of businesses that can be local, but we generally focus on family friendly establishments. All content is themed to be “G” rated and worthy of any children looking to discover the area around them. This does naturally preclude adult type ads.
To increase brand visibility for businesses SnapAds allows creators to share the ad on places like FaceBook, Instagram, TickTock, Twitter, Text, Email, and more.
Of course you can watch our demo on the website. And if you want to learn more about business advertising and business promotion you can always reach out to SnapAds Sales Team via sales@snapads.io.
Though local creators have lots of flexibility we require each creator to agree to our terms, which included "creating only "G" rated content and keeping it positive." Each ad can be report if it violates our terms and are monitored in advance for adult type images and language. In your dashboard you are also able to see all ads and if their is one you don't think is apropriate you can easily flag it, so the ad can be taken down. This has not been an issue as most ads are designed to create engagement with each customers local community, which win you more customers.