business growth with SnapAds

Increase sales and revenue

Find new customers looking to shop locally
increase your sales with convenient analysis tools

Easily measure new sales

SnapAds tools allow you to engage specific potential customers and explore insights in driving more sales.

save your budget with rewards

Grow on a budget

Rewards are only paid out after a customer submits a receipt, making each new sale an increase in profit.

create your own loyalty program

More customers means more revenue

Rewards bring new sales and keeps existing customers engaged to return again and again.

get loyal customers who live nearby

Reach new customers

Potential customers live all around you, but they haven’t heard of your business. SnapAds increases sales by using word of mouth.

get more local reviews

Local means neighbors

Reading reviews from some stranger is suspicious, but a recommendation from a friend is community.

personalized reward programs

The snappiest rewards program ever

Customers love how easy it is to claim rewards and businesses love that is doesn’t require any work on their end.

Frequently Asked Questions

With SnapAds, you can boost your business and increase sales by reaching new customers through our two campaign options. The first allows people to take a photo/video of your business and upload it to SnapAds showcasing it to others in your area. They will be paid for every local view. The second option offers a steady reward for customers who visit your store, encouraging them to upload a receipt after making a purchase. This ensures they've been there and qualifies them for the reward.
Create and run a campaign within the SnapAds app and engage your audience immediately! If you don't know how to increase revenue for a small business, SnapAds is the answer. With the flexibility to start with any budget, we connect you to local customers actively searching for a business like yours. This is just the perfect tool to increase income and find your new loyal customers.
Yes! When setting up a campaign on SnapAds, you get to select your preferred location. We'll then connect you exclusively with users available in that specific area. This ensures that your budget is spent wisely, targeting only those who are nearby and actively seeking places that relate to your business.
WIth SnapAds you can see insights into your customers journey and offer specific incentivise that the cusotmers want to see and helps you increase revenue. The data can be displayed on a per cusotmer basis or as a collective group showing you the total increased revenue and the cost for aquiring each customer.
SnapAds is designed to reach a specific geographic area and increase sales. A business that needs walk-ins is targeting a lcocal audience within a 4 mile radious. Marketing and bloggers, on the other hand, have a more diverse and dispersed audience that spans the globe. Advertisers, while effective for brand awareness, might not drive as direct or immediate conversions. SnapAds campaigns, can be more cost-effective in reaching the more narrow audience by working with customers already living in your local area. This can be especially beneficial for smaller businesses with a limited budget. This helps increase revenue while sticking to a budget.