TikTok Categories Grabbing the Most View

Dive into TikTok and discover the key strategies for success within specific content categories. From identifying the ideal category to collaborating with influencers, master the art of viral marketing.

Nancy J. Hassler
12 Feb 2024

Boasting over 1 billion active users monthly and a staggering 3.5 billion downloads, TikTok has firmly established itself as one of the most utilized apps globally.

The categories provide a structured approach, encompassing a spectrum from entertainment, dancing, fitness, and sports to cooking, DIY, and painting. Among the diverse TikTok content categories are AdviceTok, FitTok, and DanceTok, etc. Each category boasts its popular hashtags and trends, facilitating targeted audience engagement.

According to Statista TikTok boasts content categories with over a billion views, underlining the platform's colossal reach. Entertainment content leads the charts with 535 billion hashtag views and leads the pack. Following the most popular types of TikTok videos is the dance category, boasting 181 billion hashtag views.

Navigating through the communities can be overwhelming, prompting the need for strategic choices. To aid in this quest, we've compiled a list of the most popular topics on TikTok. Let’s get started!


As one of the most popular and dynamic content realms, Entertainment on TikTok is a captivating universe where creators express their imagination, delivering bite-sized doses of joy and amusement to a global audience.

Content within this category encompasses a spectrum of comedic skits, parody videos, and humorous commentary on current events or pop culture. Expect diverse content, from lip-syncing performances to memes and various forms of comedic expression.

Creators craft an eclectic mix of content, ranging from hilarious skits and clever parodies to engaging storytelling and visual illusions. This category is a testament to TikTok's limitless possibilities of creative expression.



Whether it's athletic apparel, dance studios, or record labels introducing new music, virtually any brand can collaborate with DanceTok creators. #DanceTok ranges from basic foot-shuffling to intricately choreographed routines, fostering connections between professional dancers and everyday enthusiasts.

Creators often initiate challenges by choreographing specific dance sequences, encouraging others to replicate and put their unique spin on the moves. They also utilize movement to convey emotions, narratives, and cultural expressions. Whether it's a poignant contemporary piece or a lively cultural dance, the Dance category becomes a canvas for creators to share their stories through the universal language of dance.


Whether it's yoga enthusiasts demonstrating flexibility, gym-goers sharing fitness tips, or athletes showcasing their skills, among other TikTok categories this is for creators to share their passion for an active lifestyle.

These challenges, often accompanied by trending hashtags like #FitTok and #WorkoutChallenge, not only motivate users to push their physical boundaries but also foster a sense of community as participants share their fitness journeys and achievements. Popular hashtags such as #fitness, #workout, and #sporttraining serve as gateways to discovering and participating in fitness challenges that unite the community.

With almost 300 billion views, #fitness stands out as one of the most popular categories on the platform. The specialized community of #Fittok, comprising professional athletes and personal trainers, utilizes the category to impart insights into their favorite workouts, recommended products, and nutritional choices. With over 48.9 billion video views, this hashtag becomes a vibrant nexus for sports teams, athletic experiences, and exchanging tips and tricks for cultivating a healthier lifestyle.



Users on TikTok exhibit a voracious appetite for CookTok content, seeking everything from budget-friendly college meals to quick family dinners and nutritious recipes. The hashtag #cooking boasts an impressive 141 billion views, #food surpasses 486 billion views, and #recipe garners more than 65 billion views, highlighting the immense popularity and diverse interests within the vibrant CookTok community.

Here, creators generously share recipes, invite viewers into their kitchen adventures, and engage in lively reactions to others' cooking videos. The vibrant CookTok community can also be explored through the hashtag #RecipeTok.

On TikTok, a rich tapestry of food and cooking-related content unfolds, featuring recipe demonstrations, food critiques, and spirited cooking competitions. Videos range from beginner-friendly recipes to advanced cooking tutorials, united under popular hashtags such as #cooking, #food, and #recipe.


For brands specializing in art and crafting supplies, hardware, educational resources, and more, DIYTok is a fertile ground for collaborations. Creativity flourishes in the realm of DIY and pranks, aligning seamlessly with TikTok's primary audience, Generation Z, known for their sustainability focus and environmental consciousness. Videos within this category serve as comprehensive guides, offering step-by-step instructions on various endeavors, from DIY projects to playful pranks and life hacks. Common hashtags include #DIY, #howto, and #prank.

DIYTok enables users to witness influencers' imaginative endeavors and empowers them to bring those ideas to life in their homes. Whether exploring #HomeRenovation or diving into #DIYHome, the vast array of projects caters to all skill levels, fostering a community where inspiration knows no bounds.



Influencers across the globe leverage #Beautytok to reveal top-rated and viral products, offering a gateway for users to explore and experiment within heatless curl routines, nightly skincare rituals, and more. The #beauty category boasts a staggering 162 billion views, while the curiosity-inducing #BeautyHacks garners over 25 billion views as of March 2023. For enthusiasts of skincare, makeup, hair care, and the perfect mani/pedi, BeautyTok stands as the ultimate haven. This vibrant corner of TikTok is a treasure trove of tutorials, product reviews, and engaging 'get ready with me' (#GRWM) content, offering everything needed to unleash your stunning self.


As one of the trending hashtags on TikTok, pranks emerge as a popular category where influencers and creators showcase their comedic prowess. Practical jokers worldwide film pranks on friends and family, creating a ripple of laughter that transcends borders. The #pranks hashtag boasts an impressive 66.8 billion views, while the charm of #couplepranks has garnered over 1 billion views as of March 2023.

The primary mission is to induce laughter and provide a brief escape from reality. While overt ads may not be the go-to strategy, subtle product placements cleverly integrated into a prankster's content can effectively build brand awareness and spark audience interest.



As of March 2023, the hashtag #Fashion boasts a staggering 238 billion views, while #FashionTikTok follows closely with over 53 billion views. Popular trends unfold within this vibrant TikTok community, ranging from comparisons between Gen Z and millennial fashion to the thrill of showcasing thrifting finds and try-on hauls. Understanding what does GRWM mean on tiktok videos add another layer of personal connection to the fashion.

For apparel and accessory brands, FashionTok presents an opportunity to collaborate with super-authentic creators. Brands like Converse navigate the realms of FashionTok and SneakerheadTok to align with creators who can expertly showcase inspiring outfits to a highly engaged audience.

Influencers on this platform leverage the fashion category to share their favorite outfits, endorse brands, and empower others to discover their sense of style. From engaging try-on hauls to the intimate realm of #GRWM posts, the fashion category becomes a wellspring of inspiration for users from all walks of life.


For brands, AdviceTok presents a strategic avenue to showcase products that offer solutions to real-life challenges. Whether it's a company specializing in planners collaborating with a creator providing career or organizational advice or a skincare brand partnering with an influencer discussing optimal products for various conditions, the possibilities for brand integration are limitless.

The versatility of AdviceTok knows no bounds. From motivational content to parenting advice, the hashtag #AdviceTok encapsulates many content, making it one of TikTok's most unique and diverse categories. Creators use this space to share personal experiences, details about TikTok art styles, self-care content, and tips for leading a healthier and more fulfilling life, both emotionally and physically.

Collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who specialize in a particular TikTok category allows brands to authentically reach their target audience, leveraging users' trust in influencers and their expertise.



For pet supply companies, PetTok is a goldmine for connecting with their target audience. However, it's essential to recognize that PetTok isn't only for pet owners; many users flock to enjoy the sheer cuteness of animals, even if they don't have pets.

The hashtag #PetTok emerges as one of the cutest categories on TikTok, where influencers and creators share heartwarming moments featuring their furry friends. This category is not just entertaining; it's a delightful journey into talented pets that never fail to inspire smiles. The hashtags #Pets and #PetsofTikTok boast staggering numbers, with approximately 88 billion and 74 billion video views, respectively.

How to Launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign on TikTok

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to launch an influencer marketing campaign that resonates within content categories and maximizes your reach:

  • Before diving into the diverse TikTok categories, define your target audience and campaign objectives. Know who you want to reach and what actions you aim to inspire, whether it's brand awareness, engagement, or conversions.
  • Explore the type of TikTok content and pinpoint those aligning with your brand and campaign objectives. Whether it's BeautyTok, ArtTok, PetTok, or Fitness/Sports, selecting categories relevant to your industry ensures a more targeted approach.
  • Once you've identified your preferred content categories, research influencers within those spaces. Look for creators whose content resonates with your brand identity, values, and target audience. Evaluate their engagement rates, follower demographics, and authenticity.
  • Develop a compelling and unique campaign concept that aligns with the chosen content categories. Consider the influencers' tone, style, and preferences and their audience. Ensure your campaign concept seamlessly integrates with the content these influencers typically produce.
  • Communicate transparent guidelines and campaign objectives to the influencers. Provide a framework that allows creativity while ensuring the core message aligns with your brand. Clearly define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the campaign's success.
  • Tailor your content to align with TikTok trends and utilize popular hashtags within the chosen content categories. Optimize posting times to maximize visibility and engagement.
  • Regularly monitor and analyze the performance of your influencer marketing campaign. Track metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversion rates. Identify what worked well and areas for improvement to refine future campaigns.

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