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SnapAds was started by local business owners who know the frustration of trying to get local customers attention. Technology has made the world smaller, but also pushed the small world around us farther away. Digital, social and many other forms of marketing that sell consumer goods, which can be shipped anywhere, have taken our attention.

Local customers can now discover thousands of things happening all around them or as a tourist checking out a new city. They can do that all while earning cash rewards on a single tool. Businesses can affordably increase store walk-ins and engage local customers, which creates a win-win local customers and businesses.

Cash rewards paid out

Helping local customers earn cash rewards.

Local business walk-in traffic

Helping local businesses find new customers.

Core values

local reviews
Local is community
support local businesses
Every business matters
get more customers
Happy customers

What Our Customer Say

Best app!

Downloaded SnapAds on my trip to Austin Texas and not only did it help me find awesome things to do, but I also made extra money taking photos and videos of the places I visited! Look forward watching this app grow to other big cities!

  • Bill Merrilly

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Frequently Asked Questions

SnapAds is a community-based platform that connects small businesses with local customers. SnapAds helps local businesses to easily incentivize local customers to create and share promotional content via word-of-mouth as a paid gig. It's a new way to use content creation and earn cash rewards.
SnapAds helps local businesses, like yours, improve visibility and attract new customers through creative user-generated content. Customers can earn extra cash by spreading the word about your business.
SnapAds is on a mission to support local businesses which means more revenue from more customers. Businesses choose how much they want to spend on a campaign, resulting in local customers coming to support their business.