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your posts

You already create content, so why not reap the rewards. Create ads for local businesses who want to pay local customers.


Get paid
a bonus

Local companies create promotions and need help spreading the word. They pay for each view and in addition a bonus for the best ad.

You control
the content

Create unique photos or videos, just like you do everyday. You decide the best ad for each promotion and you control where and when you post it.


We live here,
let’s shop here

Helping local businesses by creating ads for promotions supports our local community and keeps the ad dollars here too


Social media influencers may have a lot of followers, but only a few live here. Community businesses need you, your neighbors, friends and family

Your recommendation matters

How it

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Scroll through local business promotions and view ads.
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Find a promotion you like and create and post an ad.
Get paid
Each promotion pays for views and a chance for a bonus that goes right to your SnapAds wallet.

Frequently Asked

Can I really get paid for creating ads?
How do local businesses pay me to create ads?
How do I earn a bonus for my ads?
Do I have to have a lot of followers?
How hard is it to create an ad?
Do all views count when getting paid?
How do I withdraw my money?
Can I create whatever I want?
How do I find campaigns to create ads for?
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